Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the new developer of Rouzan?

In January 2018, Engquist Development purchased Rouzan from its original developer in an effort to revitalize and energize this prime property. In the short time Engquist Development has assumed control of the property, progress on the development has been steady and positive.

Will the development have design guidelines?

Yes. The Design Guidelines have been implemented to ensure adherence to high quality construction and to preserve a architecturally harmonious and cohesive sense of place.

How long will it take to build my home?

The timeline for the construction of your new home is dependent on many factors. Smaller homes will likely take 4-8 months to build while larger, custom homes can take as much as 12-16 months to construct. We would encourage you to have an open dialogue with your builder about the expectations for the timeline to complete your home.

Does Rouzan have a Homeowner’s Association?

Yes. The owner’s of every home in Rouzan will be a member in the Rouzan Homeowner’s Association and, as such, will be subject to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the community. Association dues are currently set at $79 per month.

What kind of amenities will Rouzan feature?

Rouzan will feature an enviable selection of amenities that are being currently being planned and implemented. Click here for more information about our residential amenities.  

  • East Baton Rouge Parish Neighborhood Library

  • Sprouts Farmer's Market — Nationally-Recognized Organic Grocery Store

  • Silo Farms — Community-Based Garden & Event Space

  • Kidz Karousel — Early Childhood Development Center

  • Outdoor Fitness Trail

  • Community Pool + Clubhouse

  • Fitness Center

When are the proposed amenities slated for completion?

The full complement of amenities will be developed as additional residential lots are completed. The Sprouts Grocery Store is under construction and is slated to be open for business by June 2019. The Community Clubhouse and Pool are scheduled to be complete in early 2020. The first station of the Outdoor Fitness Trail is complete and the Children’s Playground is currently under construction.